Dry Aged Steaks

Dry Aged Steaks

At The Majestic Restaurant, we believe that in order to be a classic Kansas City steakhouse you must serve traditional dry aged steaks.

In the time when Kansas City was the epicenter of the United States cattle industry, dry aging was the norm. In fact, until twenty years ago all steakhouses served dry aged beef. Dry aging allows up to serve a tender and flavorful steak in an honest portion. Many restaurants now use “wet aging” or “cry-o-vac aging.” As a classic Kansas City steakhouse, we refuse to take these shortcuts and serve only quality steaks from L&C Meats that have been dry aged to attain maximum flavor.

Dry aging is not a simple process. The beef must be kept at a temperature between 33 and 36 degrees for a period of weeks. During this time, the beef is closely monitored by the professionals at L&C meats. This allows the beef to undergo two very significant transformations.

1) The beef loses a great deal of the water it retains. This causes the beef to lose up to one-third of its weight. The true flavor of the beef is made stronger when this water is lost. This is why when you taste a steak at The Majestic you taste beef, and not water.

2) The natural enzymes within the beef break down muscles and tendons. The result is a much more tender cut of steak. This aging process is why the steaks at The Majestic are far more tender than what you might find at other steakhouses.

The results of this process will be apparent at the first bite. We refuse to buy less expensive “wet aged” steaks. These are cut and then sealed in individual bags. This traps in the natural moisture and adds more pre-cooked weight to the steaks. This makes the steaks more profitable, but less memorable. It’s a compromise on value that we assure you will never be made at The Majestic.

In order to be a classic Kansas City steakhouse, we believe you must serve a classic Kansas City steak. That is all you will find at The Majestic: an honest steak and honest meal at an honest price. We stand behind our steaks at The Majestic and know that once you try them you will taste the difference.

Come join us for dinner soon and you can experience why The Majestic is truly a Kansas City tradition and KC’s most authentic steakhouse.